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The first homemade soup (老火湯系列 – 清補涼)

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First time making chinese soup (老火湯) by myself at home..

of course must try something super easy, thanks to my dear friend for giving me a small pack of ingredient (清補涼), together with some pork (i used 細展 bocs i like to eat the meat afterwards), just put all the things into the pot for 2 hours and that’s it..

After 2 hours… when we decided to drink the soup….

OMG! all the waters are gone!!!!

So we just add in some more water in immediately and luckily the soup still has some taste….

I love 老火湯!


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January 12, 2010 at 4:03 pm

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To my MOH

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My dearest MOH just flied to Hokkaido for her honeymoon today …. the wedding banquet was ended with lots and lots of joy and happiness…

Everything turned out to be smooth and like ours, and with a surprise, that you didn’t cry out in both the church ceremony an d the speech …this is good, bcos if you cried, probably i would…

After more than 1 year’s preparation, we both completed the mission and big project of our lives…and am so happy to have u bringing me much memories throughout the course of preparation n the sharing of experience (am sure you would feel the same too…:P)

i have to tell you one thing:  I remembered the first time you asked me to be your MC : i immediately said ok without hesitation.  (i think i would just respond in that way for very limited person) First time being MC, hope won’t let your ‘glasses broken’ on me..kaka……i was nervous before going to the stage bcos i  just went thro a very rough so-called ‘rehearsal’ with the other MC……and u know me, i just want it to be PERFECT n not to give u a memory that ‘ the MC is not gd ya..’ hahaha….and i hope i passed…kakaka…

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January 4, 2010 at 6:32 pm

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