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Maldives memories – yummy yummy..

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For those going to maldives for honeymoon / holiday, you may have already heard that the food there was pretty expensive…so hotel will give u a choice to choose whether to buy the meal package in advance …but still, some told me that don’t expect too much on the food….

There are 2 major restaurants in the resort, one is at the in ocean villa side, and the other is opposite to our island where beachfront villa locates at….um..the food at our side is gd gd gd, but honestly speaking the food at the beachfront villa side is just so so…we just tried one dinner there and don’t ever wanna visit that again..


various choice of pastries for you to pick

i always like to make toast for breakfast

and the leftover of the bread is used to feed the fish …

Lunch buffet

Everyday there are various choice of freshly made salad….all the salads are super tasty and the one i love most is lobster salad and seafood salad….salads and desserts are on the buffet table while you can choose 1 main course on the menu..

nicely cooked and juicy beef

Tomato Risotto

Nice dinner at the In Ocean Villa Italian restaurant…(set dinner is much nicer than the buffet…we only had 1 this nice set dinner during our 3 night stay, bcos 1 day we went to the other side restaurant, and the other night was a mediterranean buffet…, i missed this nicely italian dinner)…

Italian Restaurant at the In Ocean Villa Side

My favorite of the night: Lobster Avocado Salad.....

Tiger prawn salad...the lobster salad is better though.

white asparagus soup..yummy

i miss this mango sorbet...' Can i have 1 more?' i wanna asked for more at that time.

Main course - snapper

my favorite again - ice cream......want more!!!


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December 13, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Maldives memories

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Back to work life for 2 weeks already….while the memory of the wedding and the honeymoon trip is still vividly in my mind…it was such a relaxing trip in maldives , had nothing very special there, just sleep, eat , swim, relax, afternoon nap, eat and repeat the cycle for a few days…..but it was really nice to enjoy the beautiful sunrise , sunset, natural blue sky & sea breeze, sunshine and food…

the resort we’ve chosen was definitely a good choice, maybe even better if the drinks were included in our Full Board (that means the package includes all meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner)….otherwise everything is just great and the villa is newly built and is perfect….

As we arrived Male at midnight, we needed to stay in another resort of Angsana and early next morning, we took the seaplane and headed to the island, Velavaru….it’s a 30 min ride and it’s my first time taking seaplane and it was cool to view all the atolls from sky…beautiful

Heading to the island

Atolls view from seaplane

about to arrive....this is the island opposite to us where the beachfront villa are located at. it is....amazing seeing villa are built in mid of the ocean!

Go Go Go!

Pavillion for sun tan....

This is just 'perfect'...

 More photos of this relaxing island to come soon….stay tuned…

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December 6, 2009 at 11:28 pm

Honeymoon @ Maldives

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Honeymoon location is fixed (FINALLY) – MALDIVES + SINGAPORE,

We have been struggling amongst Australia (due to cheap air tickets and has relatives in Sydney) and Maldives, and finally Maldives won mainly because…

NO NEED TO PLAN THE ITINERY!! how lazy am i…

But afterall, we both want a more relaxing holiday and i guess it would be hard for me to find an excuse to stay in the luxurious water bungalow other than this special occasion!!

This is the IN OCEAN VILLA, newly opened in July 2009 @ Angsana, Velavaru

With its own swimming pool above the sea…cool, but the pavillion deck (at right hand corner, i want it..)  seems only available in the premium in ocean villa.

In Ocean Villa 1

The exterior  view of the villa – each 2 storey villa comes with an outdoor desk, own infinity pool, a bedroom with living area and plunge pool.

In Ocean villa

This hotel needs to take a 40 min seaplane from Male, since the flights from HK usually arrives late at night, usually need to stay in the town area (which the hotel quality is i guess not so nice..) Luckily there is another Angsana Ihuru which can be reached by speedboat in 20 min.

There are really lots of good choices when you come to Maldives, but just that the prices are real expensive too.  Let me know if you need some names..

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August 17, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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Where to go for honeymoon?

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Four months to go for our big day, so it’s time (maybe it is already a bit late) to decide our honeymoon location? have a few in mind summer New Zealand / Australia , sunshine beach Maldives?

Saw a recent promotion from Club Med Kani at Maldives :

and search from photos on web from travelers. but it seems the hotel renovation is just so so…


need to put more effort to search an ideal place for the coming trip. any recommendation?!

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July 1, 2009 at 7:54 pm

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