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Searching process – wedding gown (part 2)

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Here is one of the finalists during my wedding gown search, I called it ‘Pineapple Pin’ (菠蘿釘) bcoz the little pattern on the top looks like some pineapple pins…haha…

..and i noticed that Dennis Mok had a great great shoots of the gown . The bride is also very pretty.


Photo by Dennis Mok


Photo by Dennis Mok

I didn’t pick it at last bcos there isn’t much evening gowns in that gown shop and also i would like to have a little bit ‘lace’ on the wedding gown…

But still , the bottom part looks gorgeous and is exactly the feel i want..(D紗好靚呀!)

When will i find my wedding gown?!!


Written by gracepicks

March 30, 2009 at 12:39 pm